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Discover captivating photography, stunning artwork and the transformative power of creativity through advertising photography


Our lifestyle photography embraces the essence of everyday life, preserving cherished memories and celebrating the beauty in the ordinary. Join us on a journey to capture authentic emotions, genuine connections, and the joy of living.

Still life

Experience the magic of still life photography as we uncover the captivating beauty in the simplest of subjects. Journey with us into a world where everyday objects become extraordinary works of art.


Every person possesses innate beauty and photogenic qualities waiting to be unveiled. 
It is the duty of a skilled photographer to capture and showcase that unique allure.

Alviero Martini

Leo Kirch

Daniel Vasella

Zoran Gregorič

Igor Jakomin

Ante Moscatelli

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HuitWitt Photographic Studio

Introducing our exceptional collective of talented creators! Our team consists of seasoned photographers, accomplished directors of photography, innovative designers, skilled stylists, and expert makeup artists. Together, we have amassed several decades of valuable experience in our respective fields. With our combined expertise, we are dedicated to delivering nothing short of the highest quality product to our clients.
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Crafting Photo Projects. From Italy to France and Slovenia, we meticulously prepare captivating visuals that embody the essence of each unique location. Let our artistry bring your vision to life.